About the Artist

Vina loves nature. Birds, flowers and ponds are all joys in her life. As an artist, she strives to capture the sense of harmony and peace within images of nature.

Vina began painting 14 years ago and is passionate about both western and eastern art, striving to fuse the essence of  both worlds in her work.  She uses Chinese brush painting techniques on rice paper and silk, and also works with pastels, acrylics and gouache.

Vina’s works have been exhibited in solo and group shows locally and internationally. Her paintings have received many honors and awards. Judges from the Japan International Sumi-e Society have awarded her long scroll pieces with special honors. (www.ifacasumi-e.org)

Vina is a art coordinator for Madison Wisconsin Regional Artists Program and a co-founder of the Chinese Fine Art Association of Madison, Wisconsin. (www.cfaamadison.org)

Professionally Vina is a research scientist. Her interest in both art and science complement each other and inspire her crativity. You can see more of Vina’s art at the two aforementioned websites or by contacting her at vyang@aol.com.